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New homes, directly from builders

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Benefits to buying direct

  • Efficiency

    Traditionally, all communication goes through middlemen; resulting in "whisper down the lane" issues and frustrating response delays.

    Edgewise removes the communication barrier between you and the builder, keeping the lines of communication open and organized.

  • Best Price Possible

    The more people involved in a transaction, the more cost there is. By working directly with the builder, you cut out costly middlemen.

    Additionally, you can use our negotiation feature to name your price.

  • Transparency

    With Edgewise, you get regular and automated updates as your home progresses.

    Log into your account at any time to monitor progress and see the current estimated delivery date.


50% commission refund

Edgewise is 100% free for self-service. But what if you'd like help along the way, without having to pay the traditional agent commission? For that, we have Edgewise Plus.

In-between self-service and full-service, Edgewise Plus offers peace of mind with guaranteed savings.

Currently offered in Florida. Additional states coming soon.

Based on an average 3% buyer's agent commission.

Stay connected at every step

Follow projects to receive emailed updates; including construction progress, new unit availability, builder promotions, and more.

As a buyer, you'll receive automated updates as your home progresses through each construction phase, upcoming milestones, and your home's estimated completion date. You’ll always know how far along your unit is, making it easier to coordinate the transition into your new home.

How Edgewise Works

Maximize Savings

"The early bird gets the worm"

The best deals are had pre-construction (before ground-breaking). What you trade in quick move-in, is made up for in savings and personalization.

Builders regularly discount prices at the beginning of a project, which means you're building equity in your home before you even move in. Many builders go even further by offering exciting promotions early on in a project.

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