Peace of mind with Guaranteed savings

Edgewise is a FREE service that brings much of what an agent does right to your computer or phone. Not only does this mean you have unprecedented access to your homebuilder, but it also means potentially considerable savings – since commission money that would have gone to an agent is now up for grabs. Use our negotiating feature and go for it!

Buying a home can be intimidating though, and there's no guarantee on how much (if any) of the commission you'll be able to negotiate. At the same time, traditional representation may not feel right either and it comes at an average 3% cost. If something in-between self-service and full-service sounds just right, we have Edgewise Plus!


Choose what works best for you

No agent
Edgewise Plus
Traditional agent
Make an offer
Make an offer on your own, right in Edgewise
Make an offer on your own in Edgewise, with the help of an experienced agent
Your agent will write your offer for you
Negotiate directly with the builder, right in Edgewise
Negotiate directly with the builder in Edgewise, with the help of an experienced agent
Your agent will negotiate with the builder on your behalf
Construction Updates
Automated updates sent right to your phone and computer
Automated updates sent right to your phone and computer
Your agent will relay updates as they are received from the builder
Work directly with the title and escrow company to close on your new home
Your agent will help you with your paperwork and closing documents
Your agent will help you with your paperwork and closing documents
Cost / Savings
No cost, maximum potential savings
Typically 3% commission, with a guaranteed 50% refund
Typically 3% commission, no refund

How does it work?

Edgewise will pair you with an agent, who can answer your questions and provide guidance along the way. There is no upfront cost. Use Edgewise to communicate with your agent the same as you would with the builder, as well as place offers, and receive construction updates while your home is being built. When it comes time to close / settle, you'll receive a 50% refund – on top of whatever you were able to negotiate with the builder.

With Edgewise Plus, you have the peace of mind of having an agent to help out along the way, PLUS guaranteed savings compared to traditional agents.

How to get started

There are a few ways you can opt-in to the Edgewise Plus program:

  1. Send us a message

    Email us at plus@edgewiserealty.com and let us know you're interested. We'll reach out with details and next steps.

  2. Fill out the form

    Fill out the form below, and we'll reach out!

  3. Reserve in Edgewise

    When you make a reservation, you will be asked if you are represented by an agent. Simply enter "Edgewise Plus" as your agent. We'll reach out to you and the builder to coordinate.


  • Edgewise Plus is currently available for any residential new construction project in the state of Florida – even for projects not listed in Edgewise. Interested in a particular project not currently in Edgewise? Let us know which one!

    More states are coming soon, as the plan is to offer Edgewise Plus nation-wide.

  • Self-service means you are in full control. You are "unrepresented" by an agent, which means there is no buyer's agent commission. You can use Edgewise for free, to facilitate communication with the builder, place offers, design your home, and get construction updates. If this isn't your first rodeo, maybe self-service is for you!

    However, some builders (not all) see unrepresented buyers as an opportunity to retain the unpaid buyer's agent commission for themselves. In-fact, many brokers representing a project are given bonuses for unrepresented buyers; which often comes from the money saved by not paying a buyer agent commission. Like many things, supply and demand will determine your bargaining power. So put your best negotiating hat on, and go for it!

  • Edgewise Plus is designed to be in-between self-service and full-service. An agent will help answer questions and provide guidance along the way, but you're still in full control. You can use all of Edgewise's technology and tools to communicate both with your agent and the builder. Additionally, since you are represented, the agent will receive the buyer's agent commission at closing; where your refund will be applied. So you get help along the way, and a guaranteed rebate – on top of whatever you are able to negotiate with the builder.

  • Traditional representation is full-service. Agents / realtors will hold your hand along the way, meet you at the local coffee shop, on-site for walk-throughs, negotiate on your behalf, etc.. They are often the most tuned in with the local market, and can give insider info. They've done this a million times, and can show you the ropes. They may even have an existing relationship with the builder of the project you are considering; which can streamline things.

    The downside is that this comes at a cost of 3% (on average). On a $400,000 home, that's $12,000! Additionally, many traditional agents may not be very tech-savvy, while simultaneously feeling it is their responsibility to be the relayer of information. This can lead to delays in communication as messages pass between you, your agent, the seller's agent, the seller, and back again.

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