96 + Broadway

96 + Broadway

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Main Entrance

Main Entrance

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Downtown Manhattan Views

Downtown Manhattan Views

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Living Room

Living Room

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Primary Bedroom

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Living Room

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96 + Broadway

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96 + Broadway

The Upper West Side
250 W 96th St, Manhattan NY 10025
734 – 2,221 sqft
1 – 3 bd
1 – 3 ba

Residences on the Upper West Side

At the intersection of 96th Street and Broadway, designer Thomas Juul-Hansen’s new condominium building, with its limestone façade, celebrates the Upper West Side’s iconic architecture through a modern perspective. Seamlessly integrated between Riverside Park and Central Park amongst the city’s finest cultural institutions, 96+Broadway responds directly to the way New Yorkers live today.

Design & Amenities

An inviting entrance tucked away on tree-lined West 96th Street blends sophistication with a warm welcome home.

Framed in bronze and limestone and protected by an elegant setback, the double-height entry to 96+Broadway reinterprets the grandeur of the Upper West Side’s most prominent buildings.

The lobby expresses history, modernity, and community in a single glance.

Like the building exterior, the double-height lobby combines the iconic materials and exquisite proportions of historic Upper West Side architecture into a contemporary statement.

96+Broadway’s gracious setbacks filter daylight into a lobby-level garden as well as multiple private terraces.

Gridded glass adds rhythm and texture to the building exterior, and bathes the interiors in light.

The Upper West Side, Manhattan

When people dream of living in New York, this is what they picture.

The Upper West Side: when people dream of living in New York, this is what they picture. This is a neighborhood that buzzes in summer, dazzles in fall, nurtures in winter, and revives you come springtime.


Ornate architectural details are the eye-catching backdrop while wandering tree-lined streets during evening hours, while Riverside Park’s maze of waterfront paths and public courts burst with activity.


As the weather cools and leaves begin to drop, New Yorkers embrace the diversity and plentitude of their neighborhood. Whether people-watching at street fairs or glimpsing migratory birds in flight, fall is about color and character.


The Upper West Side becomes even more charming under a blanket of white snow. Take the dogs for a romp, enjoy the numerous sledding spots, then grab a book at Westsider Rare & Used Books and cozy up with a warm stack of pancakes.


Neighbors rejoice at springtime, when trees begin to flower and the days become longer. Practice your serve in the cool breeze from the Hudson River and then treat yourself to a refreshing ice cream cone from Van Leeuwen.

96 + Broadway
The Upper West Side,  Manhattan, NY