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Bringing ecommerce to real estate

It's time we move passed lawn signs and open houses...

  • Substantial cost savings over using traditional brokerages
  • Increased unrepresented buyers
  • Increased pre-construction sales
  • Increased buyer satisfaction
  • Decrease customer service
  • Built-in CMS, CRM, and payment processing
  • Automation
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence

Addressing the entire buyer journey

Edgewise is a true marketplace, from finding leads (Discovery), converting leads to buyers (Transaction), and getting buyers to settlement (Fulfillment).


  • New construction specific content
  • Lead management
  • Automated lead nurturing
  • Buyer <=> Seller messaging
  • Promotions


  • Reservations
  • Online negotiations
  • Document sharing
  • Design Studio selections
  • Invoice & deposit payment processing


  • Automated construction updates
  • Milestone planning / reminders
  • Walk-through checklists
  • Build orders
  • Transaction history export

Real-time Automation

With minimal effort, keep your internal teams, leads, and buyers all up to date.

  • Marketing Channels

    Your Edgewise project page, white label, hosted sites, and API integrations update instantly. Everything in sync.

  • Buyers

    Buyers receive automatic updates as their unit progresses; proactively keeping them informed.

  • Leads

    Your leads will receive regular communication keeping them engaged. Edgewise automatically handles drip marketing and lead nurturing for you.

  • Analytics

    The project dashboard provides immediate performance and progress visibility.

Analytics & Intelligence

Simple and actionable visibility into performance at the project level, and across the entire organization.



AVG Time on Page

3m 17s

AVG Sale Price


AVG Days on Market

2 days

Simplify Lead Management

Built-in, and easy-to-use.

Tailored for new construction

All the features you need, without the bloat / complexity of the ones you don't.

Sales visibility

No more sales black holes, and nagging the sales team for updates. Log in at any time to see how your leads are doing.

Weekly reports

Lead reports are emailed weekly, so you can stay up to date – even if you aren't regularly logging in.

  • Stark Tower Condos
    Peter Parker
  • 177a Bleecker Street
    Bruce Banner
  • Wakanda Townhomes
    James Barnes
  • Stark Tower Condos
    Steve Rogers

Powerful Integrations

Through the power of Zapier, you can hook up just about anything to Edgewise. Send Edgewise leads into Salesforce, post to Slack when units are sold, tweet when construction progresses, and much more.

Modern API

You have full read/write access to your data.
Use our GraphQL and Webhook API to extend the functionality of your current website, integrate with a CRM / CMS,
or even build your own Edgewise!

  project (id: "42") {
    abstract {
      price {
      units {

WordPress Plugins

Built on our API, WordPress plugins quickly and easily embed Edgewise functionality into your WordPress powered websites.

  • Show your current inventory across corporate and project websites.
  • Embed project images, hosted in Edgewise.
  • Link to documents hosted in Edgewise (eg. brochures).
  • Display active promotions.

Free Hosted Websites

Yes, free project websites, powered by the same technology that powers Edgewise.

  • Custom domains
    We handle everything, from setup to maintenance.
    HTTPS certificates included.
  • Real-time syncing
    Updates made in Edgewise instantly push to your project's website.
  • Automatic updates
    We're constantly improving our products.
    Updates are rolled out regularly and automatically.
  • Search Engine Optimized
    Built with SEO and performance as a top priority.
  • Responsive Design
    50% of visitors are on a mobile device.
    Mobile or tablet, we have you covered.

Plans & Pricing

Choose the plan that works best for you. Switch at any time.

  • Monthly cost: $200/project
  • Referral fee: none
  • Cost per lead: $0
  • Onboarding cost: $0
  • 30 day free trial
  • No exclusivity
  • Unlimited users
  • Cancel at any time
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  • Monthly cost: $0
  • Referral fee: per unrepresented buyer
  • Cost per lead: $0
  • Onboarding cost: $0
  • 30 day free trial
  • No exclusivity
  • Unlimited users
  • Cancel at any time
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